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Smart Aliens

Smart Aliens
Smart Aliens is an Open Source game about funny #SmartNFT Aliens that live together in the Andromeda galaxy, built on Arbitrum and connected to different chains in the future with a goal to bring more happiness to people and letting average player to implement almost all of crazy ideas in the game using Daoverse system and Unreal Engine.
SmartNFT its a new generation NFT which builds its own character when you are playing the game with it. Almost every time you do something, your SmartNFT will learn and develop its code using our artificial intelligence system implemented in the game.
Daoverse is a decentralized platform with a voting system to help implement player ideas into a game and reward them with our $SAS token for the development. All of the rewards are funded by the community or core team of the project and will be vested for a TBA period and then unlocked to provide stability to the whole ecosystem.
Would you like to build this wholesome world with us?