🍩Donut Domination

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Donut Domination - Features two distinct teams — red and blue — each entrusted with the guardianship of their respective donut machines.

This innovative addition adds depth to gameplay, creating a strategic layer as teams strive to defend their unique colored donut machines.

Very notable aspect of this mechanic involves the scoring system. Players are incentivized to collect donuts that match their team color, earning a commendable eight points for each successful acquisition. However, the stakes are raised when players venture into enemy territory. Delivering opposing team donuts results in a higher reward of 12 points.

This dual-scoring mechanism encourages strategic decision-making, where players must weigh the benefits of a safer, lower-point option versus the riskier but more rewarding endeavor of infiltrating the enemy’s donut supply. To ensure fairness and balance, the placement of donut machines varies for each team. This strategic decision aims to level the playing field, allowing both teams an equal opportunity to succeed.

One team may face a swifter journey to acquire donuts but contends with the challenge of defending their machines, while the other team navigates a lengthier path to the donut stash but benefits from a more defensible position.

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