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Token Utilities

Game Revenue - Earn Dividends 💰

The most important thing for us is to build a business that can sustain for long and that is why our priority is to let you get dividends in our SAS token from Smart Aliens. The system is very simple to understand, we will buy back the token from the market by fifty percent of net profit of the company and then you will receive it by staking.

Daoverse - Decide the future of the Game 🗳️

Are you a holder of our SAS token? Very good, from now on you can decide about the future of Smart Aliens. Fund ideas, vote for ideas, be a part of our movement. What if almost the whole game was made by the community? Pay to other community members if you want something to be added to the game.

Devtoearn - Earn by developing 💻

Do you want to earn SAS tokens by developing? Do a small fund raising using our Daoverse platform and if community will decide that your idea is good enough ... well, it's time to start the work. Provide all the files and do it good enough so we can confirm the transaction and vest tokens for you, leter you can claim them as your reward.
Is this not good enough? Fine, you can upload your own game if its made partly on our assets to our game and compete with our game. Do you want to make money doing that? Sure, no problem, we have it. Take part of the profit your game mode will generate.