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Daoverse Platform Description:

Daoverse is an innovative platform that enables game developers and users to collaborate and exchange resources within the gaming ecosystem. Similar to the Unreal Engine Marketplace, Daoverse allows for the addition of various assets to the marketplace, such as music, models, ready-made maps, and more.

All resources provided on the Daoverse platform are verified by the Unreal Engine Marketplace, ensuring high quality and reliability of the available items. This guarantees that users can access professional and trusted resources.

The Daoverse platform provides a Smart Aliens asset upload panel, allowing game developers to easily share their creative projects. This panel is designed for both administrators, who add assets, and creators, who share their resources. This makes the process of adding and sharing assets simple and intuitive.

One of the key functionalities of the Daoverse platform is the ability to conduct voting on game changes and platform improvements. The platform offers a dedicated voting tab, which allows the community to submit proposals and vote on them. Voting can be done using a crypto wallet, ensuring fair and transparent decision-making.

Daoverse also features a fundraising capability for creative ideas that can be implemented in games. After users create a fundraising campaign, platform administrators must approve it for the campaign to launch. To facilitate this process, the platform offers a separate panel for both users initiating fundraisers and administrators overseeing and monitoring the fundraising process.

Additionally, the Daoverse platform provides a panel for holders, where users can track their earnings from contributed ideas. This panel displays the amount of earned $ALIENS tokens and allows users to create new fundraising campaigns for their own ideas. Users can also track the ideas they have contributed to and see how many $ALIENS tokens their contributions have generated.

Furthermore, the Daoverse platform offers a panel for creators who have conducted fundraising campaigns. This panel enables creators to view their earnings from their skins, ideas, or the number of users utilizing specific skins or textures. Creators can also view the communication or status related to the received tokens and have a place to send files or handle any related matters. This panel can be used by both users and administrators and does not necessarily need to be separate.

In conclusion, the Daoverse platform provides a comprehensive infrastructure for game developers and users, facilitating easy sharing, trading of resources, and collaboration within a creative environment.

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