Leaderboard Wallet: Coming Soon

✅ Free To Play - just download the game and compete!

✅ $ALIENS Reward Pool Every Week!

✅ Defined Play Sessions for best experience.

Our leaderboard is a dynamic competitive event where players engage in weekly challenges, striving to outperform each other by collecting donuts in the game of Smart Aliens Donut Domination. Participants climb the ranks by amassing the highest number of donuts. As the week ends, top performers are rewarded, celebrating their achievements and skill.

This continuous cycle of competition and reward not only fosters a vibrant community spirit but also keeps the excitement alive, encouraging players to come back, improve their strategies, and claim their place at the top.

Rewards 🏆

Based on the team choice from the Leaderboard wallet.

Join the fun, compete, collect, and earn your rewards weekly! 🔫

Premium Rewards 🏆

Obtain the battle pass by having at least 25,000 $ALIENS tokens to receive larger rewards compare to free-to-play users in Smart Aliens game.

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