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Bob - Love guns and twerk for girls, he is not bright.
Choco - Loves to tell stupid jokes, always positive, got fluent body.
Cleetus - Very shy but loyal and smart, very good sniper.
Crab - Loves boxing, business and making money.
Fisho - He loves to swim, he is a fish after all... be aware of his water skills.
Gemo - Arrogant, a force you can't ever stop, very strong, fights with hands and his aura.
Glox - Scientist, very smart, bad at fights in close distance but great at longe range, makes traps.
Glut - Confused, hard to understand but got unique abilities, loves to be sneaky beaky like.
Greedo - Two heads are better than one, the smartest alien but sometimes can argue with himself.
Koda - Very friendly, loves to help, can heal.
Miss Bob - Divorced with Bob, loves to help but she is unfriendly and arrogant.
Pathspell - Stay lowkey, smart, galactic wizard but sometimes rush things.
Starla - Loves makeup, party, very friendly and funny but feel lonely, prefer most crazy guns.
Syrius - Not very smart but smarter than Bob, loves simple tasks, got strong abilities.
Zocrin - Got special ability that can be used with his hands, very unmature.