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Staking FAQ

💸 Staking FAQ
Q: How to start staking?
A: Login to our staking website, choose the plan you prefer and approve your token transaction to enable staking features.
Q: What’s next after approval?
A: Choose the plan and click on "+" to deposit your $SAS and that’s it! Congratulations! You just started to earn by staking!
Q: I approved my tokens many times but it didn’t work and it didn’t send me to the next stage.
A: After clicking on "Enable" on our staking website, a small window for your transaction or token approval will pop up, try to use the default spending limit option then proceed with the transaction. Once it succeeded, you'll see that the "enable" button will change to "-" and "+". Select the plan you wanted and click the "+" button to stake your $SAS.
Q: If I wanted to add more $SAS to staking, can I do it without resetting the time of staking?
A: Your staking time and reward claiming time will reset once you added more $SAS on your current staking plan.
Q: Why did my $SAS Reward suddenly change to "0" after adding more $SAS?
A: The current reward will show 0 once you added more $SAS to your current plan to avoid confusion about the new computation for your total staked $SAS. But there's nothing to worry about since the previous reward was already saved on the blockchain and you will be able to claim all of it once your staking plan ends.
Q: Can I collect or withdraw rewards without paying a penalty?
A: Yes. Once your Staking plan ends, you can claim all of your rewards but withdrawing the staked tokens before the plan ends up in paying a penalty.
Q: What will happen if I will withdraw the tokens before the plan ends?
A: You will pay a 2% penalty of your deposit and will lose all of your rewards on staking.
Q: Will the APY change in the future?
A: There is a huge chance that we might change it next year(2024), but for this year(2023) we don't have plans on changing it.
Q: How profit sharing will impact staking?
A: Half of our Net Profits from the game will be allocated on buying back $SAS and giving it as rewards in staking, the impact will depend on how big our game revenue.
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